The moment I took my first breath I was already a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece, etc.

We are born out of the world, sensing and experiencing, while also playing many roles that we are left to figure out along the way.

I don’t recall any moments that I learned I was any of these things… they just sort of were always there. Like everything else really.

Concepts and roles carried a realness that felt as solid as a tree. Grounded deep into the fabrics of the social landscape for our branches to sway.

I don’t believe these roles are inherently bad, I do however believe that we need to treat them as such – roles instead of identities.


Identities over take us. They inform our every thought and especially, our actions. We begin to cage ourselves into only doing what is “best” and morally fit for each role. The more roles we take on, the more conflict we experience.

We are so focused on meeting the identity of the role, that we forget it is just a play. And that the truth of our being runs much deeper. Even with some awareness of this – we get so tripped up in the game – as I do any game! It’s fun but also stressful when we are focused only on winning and not enjoying the experience that is laid right out before us.

There are the societal roles that we are given and become immersed in – so then comes the shedding and choosing of what roles we want/have and HOW we would like to play them. Just because other people play “daughter” one way, doesn’t mean that I have to play “daughter” that same way.

When we begin to give ourselves permission to play with the rules behind the roles, we are able to take some seriousness out of the equation and see it for the play that it is.

Then when we have made progress with these social constructs we get to play with the inherent human ones! The human becomes the role we play and the “God-Self” becomes what it seen more deeply.

The layers and layers that we get to shed as we dive deeper and deeper into ourselves, while simultaneously expanding further and further outward giving a rise to the experience of “oneness” that permeates it all.