I caught myself semi-complaining about the weather today. I think it was more shock than anything. Or maybe I was just talking in order to talk – another problem of mine. Regardless, it reminded me of one of my goals. No more complaining.

A few months back as I’ve been quantum leaping my transformation, I decided to give up complaining. It serves no one and hurts me in more ways that I am likely able to count or know consciously. This knowing will continue to unfold as I move along this path.

Why do we always complain about the weather?

This could be different in different areas of the world, but where I’ve been, has been in a place where EVERYONE complains about the weather. It is a huge factor for a lot of us, and people seem to base their mood and happiness around it despite the fact that they have no control over it. It’s especially hilarious because most wouldn’t classify the weather as “good” here. So you’re really setting your life up for a not so good time if you base your mood off the weather.

Anyway, why do we do it? Some of it is honestly habit. You’ve heard people doing it your whole life, so it’s essentially to be a part of the crowd to connect with others or like I said, to have something to say instead of nothing to say.

I don’t mind jokes around the weather, that’s fine. But why waste so much energy are you putting into something that you have absolutely no control over? Why are you wasting your breath talking about the weather? And saying how you wished it was different? Or how you can’t wait until it is different? Or how it has ruined your plans or your mood? And have you considered putting some energy into stopping the behavior instead of perpetuating it?

Why the weather?

I think the weather is a great place to start if you want to work on reducing complaining. The weather is a perfect example because you have NO control over it. So you can’t place blame on anyone. This makes it harder to wiggle out of your goal. In a more precarious situation you may find a an “exemption” to the complaning because someone really DID ruin your day (they didn’t you’ve just given up your power again.)

People talk about the weather every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that it was factually true that someone comments about the weather to me daily. Or at least, on average, daily. It’s the easiest thing to talk about if you want to say something. It’s not always negative. Sometimes it’s “what a beautiful day today!” but sometimes that is often followed up with a “enjoy it while it lasts hahaha” knowing that it will snow tomorrow. (again why does snow have to be the bad guy here).

Anyway. If you want a good spiritual teacher to work on acceptance, not placing blame, not feeling drawn in by the crowd, sitting in your own silence, or a practice toward a greater goal of giving up complaining all together…. I highly recommend the weather. It will always be there for you. And if it isn’t… then you aren’t here either :-p