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I created a private community so that my clients could have access to resources, support, and a “virtual place to grow.”

The purpose of the space is to open it up on your laptop or wherever and maybe listen to a meditation, or work through an emotional part, or use some journal prompts. You can take some time on your own to dive in and use your time for true self-care. 

This community is INCLUDED in my 1:1 packages as of now and you can also purchase it as a monthly membership if you want to dable in my energy and resources, but not ready to commit to a full package. A package can be added at anytime you desire and you can remain in the group and your monthly payment plan will stop. 

This is also a great option for people who have COMPLETED a 1:1 package and need less individual support but want to use the community for ongoing support and accountability and the resources that I post. 

How it works

Let's get you started with these next steps

Free Consultation

Book a free consult to share your needs and we can explore what fit best. 

Choose Plan

You can have access to the community through a package or on its own. 

Join community

I will send you instructions on how to join the community and you can DIVE IN! 

This membership community will evolve over time and I’m excited to see where things land over the years. I’m excited for creating this space for people to grow. So much online is mind numbing and non-reflective. This space is to take your experience in a different direction where you stop, are present, sit down, and do some work. It’s not about consuming or entertainment, its about work and doing and being in your energy! 


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