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When you are a visionary and creative your life is never going to look the same for long before you need to enter a quest for change. Because you are this way you are called to be on the personal growth journey and you realize that it is completely tied to your satisfaction in business and in relationships. Part of you may wish that you were just normal and didn’t “need” to do all this work. However deep down you understand it is your calling, and your soul wouldn’t have it any other way. 

You are destined for greatness, expression, creativity, and massive impact.


I can attest to the quality and positive impact of her work

I cannot recommend Stacey highly enough…Among other incredible outcomes from working with her both “then” and “Now,” she assisted me in anchoring the Clarity and Confidence necessary for the birthing of my emergent Business.”


You next level of greatness lives in a deeper, more embodied version of yourself

1:1 coaching

Embodied Master

1:1 sessions with Stacey are designed to support you into deepening your relationship with your inner guidance system. These sessions are designed to work at an unconscious and conscious levels to re-write the deep programing that is held in your emotional body that is blocking you from reaching the heights you truly desire. 

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Next Level Consciousness

Business ownership comes with its own unique stressors that the rest of the world doesn’t understand. Being committed to your personal growth journey can feel isolating when you’re the one “on top.” Everyone else relies on you both inside and outside of work. Come to the place where you can allow yourself to receive for once.