Work with me

Experience Freedom

You’ve done the therapy thing, but are ready for more growth.

 Or maybe therapy wasn’t the style for you? 

Coping skills are ongoing. Happiness is fleeting.

You want to get to the root. Experience true change without constant weeding.

Growth is not one size fits all. We are all different, yet so much the same. 

Lets bring together my experience as a therapist, the teachings of spirituality, and direct experiences practices and radically evolve

What is desired and what is required is not always the same thing.

Let’s do the work. Shift your energy, and leave the rest up to magic. 

How it works

Let's get you started with these next steps

Initial Call

Schedule your free zoom video or phone consultation. Here we determine our roles in working together toward your goals. 

Diving in

You pick your package and dive into the process of radical change!

Do the Work

Gain access to the Radical Evolution community to enhance your experience and engage in the work! 


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1:1 coaching


This is a space to get truly honest. To look at what doesn’t want to be looked at. To get uncomfortable because the only way out is through. I will help you dismantle the mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that are keeping you stuck. 


Coaching community


There is a lot of fucking noise in this world. I created a space that is beyond the noise to support, work, and sit your ass down and learn. This isn’t a therapy woe-is-me group. This is a “get your shit together group.” Reach those goals, and go beyond.