Self-care has been all the rage for the past decade or so. And the problem when things become a rage, is they become commercialized and bastardized. But just like old saying stick for a reason – self care is here to stay because it is highly important. 

Real Self-Care

So back to the heart of the matter…. real self-care. It isn’t glamorous like the spa, or a monthly self-care subscription box. Not saying those things are bad but they’re not REAL self-care. Real self-care involved moving your body a health amount daily. That might look like walking or running or a team sport or going to the gym or dancing around your house. I don’t care what exactly it looks like but when you truly care for your body you move it. Every. Damn. Day. Did I say you have to run 10 miles a day? no I did not. But you MUST move. 

Authentic Self-Care

Not only does self-care need to be REAL (see above). It also needs to be authentic. What does that mean? Like I said. Self care involves moving your body. The HOW to move you body requires a bit more knowledge of your likes and dislikes and preferences and comforts and challenges. I’m a fan of always beginning with the easiest/most desirable method. If you LIKE being outside and therefore have motivation to go outside, I would highly recommend an outside activity for movement. If you like to listen to music and dance around, then I highly suggest that as your method. As I mentioned before I don’t care HOW you do the self-care, but it does need to be aligned with YOU. Starting out with something very unlike you (unlike your current identity of yourself at least) is way harder. Not saying it can’t be done, but I like to take routes that are more likely to lead to success. So start with the most desirable activity and then once you’re in the habit of moving your body every day, then you can up your game a bit and start to move out of your comfort zone. This way you’re only tacking one hard thing at a time.