The way we perceive happens in an instant. Messages are sent to our brains quicker than we realize what is happening. We are constantly taking in information from all of our senses and our brain is constantly interpreting what is happening without our consent. This is all automatic because we don’t have the conscious attention to keep our bodies functioning at any given second. This is great for survival and for efficiency. However it makes it extremely hard to change our reactions when they are happening instantaneously. 

So much of what stands in the way of our dreams is our perception and the way we think. You’ve probably have read (and personally experienced if you have any level of awareness) that we have tens of thousands of thoughts a day. Consciously changing all of these thoughts and getting to the bottom of it all is a bit overwhelming and may have not received the results you were hoping for. Often times, when I first learned about this years ago, I felt like something was missing – the emotions. It seemed weird to change my thought about something, when zero cells in my body agreed with what I was saying. I didn’t FEEL it to be true. yes yes yes. feelings aren’t facts, but this makes this task of thought changes even harder to keep up with because we don’t have the emotional buy in. So I realized – we need some emotional buy in here to make this successful. 

When are emotions are not in step with our thinking we experience a lot of resistance and this time up a lot of energy. As a result it is easier to give up on your endeavor and choose the path of least resistance. Not because we are weak or that there is something inherently wrong with us, but because that’s how our brains function for our survival. 

In order to create lasting change, we need to get our feelings and thought in line – and in line the way we want to. not the inline as in “I feel like shit and am shit” but the in line that we want – “I am great and feel great.” 

If you’re struggling with getting your emotions and thoughts in step, in the way that you want them, check out my coaching packages that I offer to help support you on this journey to a more aligned, and happier you.