Many people get an “idea” in the mind of something they “want” or would rather have/experience which results in “motivation” to enact a change. The problem is they are often attached to a specific outcome of what they gain whether that be money, connection, status etc. and they are not a full body yes to the underlying energies that are needed to sustain such a change. Change often seems sexier from a distance but when we start working with it, things get messy – which is okay – but we need to know how to work with messes – especially the emotional kind.

Instead of forcing change I offer for people to begin to invite change into their lives. Change happens when we are flexible and open minded. I find it funny when people take a rigid approach to change. But rigidity doesn’t bend – and you’re using your mind to enact the fixation so you’re using your fantasy and delusion of what you *think* you want – instead of truly listening to your system.

In my work with people, I help them to actually make the energetic shifts that are needed to invite change into their lives. We also work in a way that allows flexibility instead of rigidity, because as well as we think we know ourselves, we have been putting ourselves in boxes our whole lives, we need to be open to where we are drawn, and what is actually true for us instead of what we think we want.

This can be really scary and often leads certain people away from working with me. I can’t promise what direction my clients will go at the end of our work together. My job is to honor your true nature and path and we continue to shed your attachments and identities until that path is clear – and frankly neither of us know what that is when we begin. As I have intuitive nudges I will take you to these places to explore and test it which does cut down on time and energy – something that I couldn’t do as a therapist – but can do as a coach as I can offer what is coming up in my system to move the needed faster and more precisely as I am skilled at tuning into people’s frequencies.

Until you are ready to dive in and do the work with me, try this simple shift of perspective around inviting change instead of forcing it, and let me know in the comments what that shifts for you.