Spending money often brings up a lot of conflicting emotions for many people. I’ve often seen people be the most hesitant about spending money on their personal growth than many other things in life. They prefer to spend $15 on a self-help book while receiving no support on implementing the changes that they truly desire for themselves. They often think that once something in their lives changes that they will feel better so they wait it out until that thing “gets better” to see if that helps. Sometimes it does help, but the results are temporary and they often end up in the same boat. So then they’ve written off that change is not actually possible and have accepted that they are among the unlucky ones who life doesn’t work out well for.

Sometimes people feel shameful around what they spend their money on. And when you share that your biggest expenses in life tend to be therapy or coaching instead of traveling or home renovations they look at you like a crazy person. I don’t know about you though, no vacation or renovation has changed my life more than learning how to change myself.

What good is a relaxing vacation if you just return back to the stressed out life that you feel trapped in? What good is an updated style, if you are so worried you can’t enjoy it? What good is climbing to the top of your career if you come home and argue all the time or feel lost and alone?

True happiness comes in the day to day. Not in the peak experiences. Lead with love, allow your system to relax, and follow what excites you. Dance, sing, and bask in the sun. Make money and do fun things. It doesn’t have to be such a struggle. It can be easier, but you’ve been sold an idea that keeps you miserable, and keeps you buying shit that doesn’t actually do anything. The only person that can make you happier is you. But we struggle with this process. That’s where the personal work comes into play.

I help my clients to have deeper more connected relationships. I help them to learn how to move beyond their stress and overwhelm. I help them to get out of their heads and into their lives. I help them to not be dependent on the next thing to look forward to in order to stay sane. I help them cut to the core of what is going on for them so that they experience true freedom.

This shit can’t be bought from a gadget. It can’t be bought from a trip or a home. YOU are your only home and if you don’t invest in YOU then what are you doing?

People look at prices for coaching and shake their heads. That’s fine. You don’t need a coach. But until you learn how to relate to yourself differently, you’ll keep running up on the same problems just dressed differently each time.

If you’re ready to truly transform. I invite you to consider investing in yourself to be a top priority. The rest tends to flow from there.