When you hear about commitments and overcommitments or even under commitments people are usually talking about relationships with other people, or making promises about following through on goals or plans etc. We don’t often hear about it in terms of ourselves. I believe this is the main way to look that the word and when we commit to ourselves, it serves as the source upon that which everything else flows.

Sometimes people get a little unbalanced even when they look at it this way and will often engage in avoidance and call it “self care” when they are actually burying their head in the sand after a long stretch of overcommitments to other people and projects!

The trick is to genuinely be 100% committed to YOU which means that you will strike a balance when it comes to engagement with the outside, but also facing fully all that is underneath your own surface.

How do I do that?

  1. Learn to listen to your heart. This is probably the most important and often difficult one for us to do. We are so conditioned to listening to our head and all the fears and doing things the “right” way. Your heart has something to offer here and when genuinely listened to it isn’t just a thrill or excitement either. People look at the heart as rash decisions, however that is also just more unhealed junk so it often takes a bit of self awareness to sift through this.
  2. Play with your growth. Begin to do things that stretch you. This is when you learn more about yourself when you place yourself in new experience. When you do it from an energy of play, there is no “getting it right” but rather explore what the experience is like and notice how your system responds to it.
  3. Saying “No” to anything that doesn’t match your energetic frequency. This can be saying no to other people or projects – but more importantly its learning to say “no” to your own bullshit. Learning when to walk away from conversations that are not serving you or the other person. Learning to not say yes to something because of fear when it really doesn’t serve your growth. Learning to not listen to the voices in your head that are born of anything other than love.
  4. Saying “yes” to all that brings you in deeper connection with yourself. For me that looks like journaling out my head in the morning. My head starts the minute I wake up and clearly there is a lot of gold in there 😉 I’ve learned to just start writing it all down and letting it out so that I don’t need to “hold” onto it. When and if I feel called to use what I wrote, I have learned to trust more and more, each day, that I will use it (due to commitment to myself). Also moving my body (preferably in the morning) also serves me well in emptying for the day. And going to sleep when I’m tired at the end of the day, is a hugely beneficial commitment for myself as well… The list can go on, but you get the idea.
  5. When you do the things that bring you into connection with self you do it with an energy of love and not a perfectionistic “task master” sort of energy. The energy you bring to the table in self-commitment is the most important aspect here. So it may require a revamping of the soil to shift out of critic and into growth <3

I trust that these ideas and prompts will spark you deeper into your commitment to yourself and notice how when we shift our approach, our energy, and our focus, the things like relationships, projects, and dreams begin to materialize in such a way that life feels magical in the ways that we always wanted it to <3