3 Mindset Tips to fast track your success

  1. Switch every “HAVE TO” to “I GET TO.” The phase “have to” creates a heavy energy inside you that weighs you down. In order to fast track your success it is imperative to feel as light as a feather. Instead of saying “I have to pay my bills” you say “I get to pay my bills.” Paying bills means having the abundance and resources to pay them. It means that you acquired things in your life that you value – which is why you bought them. You have a mortgage because you value having a home and you get to pay that bill every month that provides you with a sense of home, safety, aesthetics, etc. Practice this with EVERYTHING and the areas that bring up a lot of discord are the areas that need more work that can be done within my membership or 1:1 coaching.
  2. Start saying “I’d LOVE to” (as it aligns). One massive shift that changed in my life was instead of simply saying yes, if I wanted or desired something and had the opportunity for it I began expressing deeper feelings of pleasure by saying “I’d love to.” Example – “I’d love to grab a coffee with you to learn more about you and your business.” How does that sound from “would you like to get a coffee to talk business together?” See how the first one is imbedded with your energy and desire and people can feel that as you speak? Switching my mindset to embody more pleasure into every day interactions allows me to feel more pleasure which then created a better impression on others because then they feel more pleasure. MORE PLEASURE ALL AROUND PLEASE!!!
  3. Stop saying something isn’t working. This one was hard for me – if an outcome hasn’t happened YET then I would get upset and say, “this isn’t working.” I would always point out the negatives. Next time someone asks you how things are going and the outcome hasn’t dropped in YET, how can your respond in a way that is more positive? “I’ve been creating a lot of marketing tools and connecting with a lot of people! There is a lot of opportunity out there and I’m excited about creating a buzz for my new launch.” How does that sound instead of, “oh boy, I’ve spent so much time and money creating these marketing tools and talking to people, however no one has signed up for my event yet – I’m working so hard and nothing is working!” Big difference right? What mindset do you think is going to be more successful if these were two different people? Who do you think is going to give up and who is going to double down?

Our mindset really DOES create our reality. I hope by sharing these examples it hits home as to how that happens. Simply saying or logically understanding that our mindset creates our reality is one thing – but actually experiencing it and practicing it and putting it to use is another thing. I find that it is much easier with repetition and support.

June 10-14th 2024 I am hosting a “Mind Your Thoughts Challenge” in which I’ll be broadcasting 5 tips (one a day) and dive a bit deeper into these concepts that I shared here. I will also be sharing journal prompts and tools to help you uplevel your mindself but consciously and unconsciously.

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