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Hello, I'm Stacey

Psychotherapist turned transformational coach. After years of specializing in treating complex PTSD and dissociation I decided to move more into where I was feeling called, on an energetic level, to serve a wider community around the struggles of being human, that are inherent in all of us, and that do not make us broken. I don’t believe we are broken and in need of fixing, but rather to shed our conditioning and fully embody our authentic empowerment.

You’ve probably heard that old saying “change is the only constant.” That means you, everything about you, and everything you consider to be significant or meaningful in your life will change. If you don’t know how to navigate these constant fluctuations (or worse resist them) and see clearly what is and is not in your control, then you’ll keep suffering. 

I don’t function well in a box and I’m guessing you don’t either. I’ve found immense freedom in stepping outside of the expected way of life and build the ground upon which I stand. I would be honored to walk with you along your path of you ultimate creation. 

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Live beyond fear & shame

You have been conditioned to believe in BULLSHIT – and so have I. And no I’m not being paranoid or conspiracy like. I mean the human mind. It’s got some serious glitches that we have listened to (of course for our own survival!) But your epic growth isn’t going to come from believing all the fear, doubt, worry and shame. It just isn’t. You’re going to need to dig VERY deep to find the hooks that are keeping you playing small and not creating the life of your dreams. 

I have been spending my time creating an abundance of resources for you to dive deep into yourself at varying levels of support. Our working memory relies heavily on repetition and visualization. I’ve designed my programs and my work to hijack this learning tool and the higher the package you decide to purchase, the more unique and specific you’ll be able to get with your transformation through our work together. 

Core Values

These values essential for both my clients and I to bring to the table during our work together.

Work with me

Perform the life of YOU

We often don’t even realize that we are identified in a victim mentality or a scarcity mindset. We think that we are being responsible humans and focused on evidence and safety and security. Problem is there are undercurrents that are led by shame, fear and doubt that keep us away from living a life that truly embodies are dreams that is filled with abundance and ease. 

How it works

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Schedule a zoom consultation here to discuss your goals and how I can best help you. From here you can pick options for working with me.

1:1 work

I have a few different packages or you can schedule a single session 1:1 session to move you forward on a specific problem/goal


Up-level your growth through my online community. I have a couple different packages available for you to receive the support and resources you need for your epic growth


"Stacey is my therapist, coach, teacher, mentor and friend."​​

Stacey provides a safe environment to open up and share my complete self which has allowed me to heal, transform, and flourish into a more confident individual. Her guidance has been the biggest blessing not only in my life personally but professionally. As an actress she has helped me analyze characters to have a better understanding of who I need to become to embody that character. I could never imagine my life without Stacey now. 

  • Natalie G. – Actress. West Hollywood


Dropping into the unmanifested scares the mind. Strong thoughts and emotions will arise temping you to attach to them and believe them.-2

1:1 coaching


I will always offer 1:1 work because I do not believe in one size fits all programs. There is a huge blindspot to anyone who believes this is truth. One person may gain most growth from stillness, whereas another one from action. The 1:1 work allows us to really dive deeply into the next steps specific to YOUR epic growth

Fuck your Conditioning

Membership community


This isn’t a therapy woe-is-me group. I created this space to activate you and your conditioning so you can see it clearly and choose to move beyond the chokehold that is has over your life. This isn’t a healing group. We get messy, we get raw, we get honest. You get out what you put in. This is the streaming service for your radical evolution.