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Hello, I'm Stacey

Psychotherapist turned coach, I help people to eat better, sleep better, work better, and love better. Don’t just shift your thoughts, but transform your mind and energy. Allow yourself to listen, receive, and create. 

You’ve probably heard that old saying “change is the only constant.” That means you, everything about you, and everything you consider to be significant or meaningful in your life will change. If you don’t know how to navigate these constant fluctuations (or worse resist them) and see clearly what is and is not in your control, then you’ll keep suffering. 

Witnessing the strength and transformation of others has truly changed me as a person. People wonder if I become jaded from doing this work. In fact it is just the opposite. I have witnessed pure magic in so many people, that I’ve only become more compassionate, more loving, and more peaceful.

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Shit Happens

Pain leads to growth (and suffering). Understanding your pain, and true nature of mind and learning how to both work with, and move beyond your human conditioning, is the path toward freedom. I am passionate about helping people to let go of control, becoming empowered, take fully responsibility of themselves, and act in alignment of their true self. 

Unfornately my radical growth did not include the values to the right. It was terribly messy and as a result of me functioning from ego and willpower until my unstable structure could hold me up no longer. I fell hard and hurt many people along the way. I want to help people to grow through what I have learned by bringing together my training as a therapist, my personal spiritual work, and sharing my path of direct experience to take you higher. 

Core Values

These values essential for both my clients and I to bring to the table during our work together.

Work with me

Be careful, you may never leave

I have a way with words and energy to allow true transformation to happen. My clients feel my genuine love and excitement toward them and their goals. They also appreciate my humanness, honesty, and silliness that I bring to the table. I have witnessed my clients build successful businesses, make career changes, transform their relationships, and experience peace of mind. Be careful though, my clients tell me they are “lifers” because they continue to find value in what I bring to the table, as I continuously work on myself. 

How it works

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Schedule a zoom or phone consultation here to discuss your goals and how I approach my work. 


Choose your package and schedule your 1:1 appts. Fill out goal sheets and get ready for transformation!


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"Stacey is my therapist, coach, teacher, mentor and friend."​​

Stacey provides a safe environment to open up and share my complete self which has allowed me to heal, transform, and flourish into a more confident individual. Her guidance has been the biggest blessing not only in my life personally but professionally. As an actress she has helped me analyze characters to have a better understanding of who I need to become to embody that character. I could never imagine my life without Stacey now. 

  • Natalie G. – Actress. West Hollywood



1:1 coaching


This is a space to get truly honest. To look at what doesn’t want to be looked at. To get uncomfortable because the only way out is through. I will help you dismantle the mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that are keeping you stuck.


Membership community


There is a lot of fucking noise in this world. I created a space that is beyond the noise to support, work, and sit your ass down and learn. This isn’t a therapy woe-is-me group. This is a “get your shit together group.” Reach those goals, and go beyond.