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Your relationships with others are a reflection of YOU and YOUR energy of who you ARE. This is not school were a good grade gets you on top. Doing favors for people in order for them to like you is fucking GROSS. Vomit. Ew. You are not a martyr. Learn how to step into the energy of love and let your euphoric life unfold. 

Hello, I'm Stacey

Most of what you want different in your life is actually an inside job. It isn’t your shitty partner, or your shitty boss, or your shitty employees – it’s your energy, your mindset, your emotional state that you are allowing to continue day in and day out creating more of the same shit. 

With the background as spending over a decade as a trauma therapist, I am a master at helping people to get out of the past and stop creating the same bullshit over and over again in their life. 

These habits can run really deep, but nothing that we can’t tackle and change if we are committed to doing what is required. And I have perfected the best ways to make these changes that the standard models cannot provide. 

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Stop Cockblocking Yourself

No one likes admitting that they are the reason their life is a total boner killer. It feels like shit when you start to face this fact. You might feel like a failure or a loser or go into an internal temper tantrum and get mad at me and say “YOu dOn’T unDeRsTanD stAcEY!” You give me your list of excuses and say, “that’s why my life is shit.” Wellll you’re not gonna get very far with this outlook. When you believe you are a victim of your circumstances you block yourself from your power to create. We must start by taking radical responsibility over our lives and step into our power. 

It feels easier to keep blaming your partner, boss, past, family, employees and everything else wrong with your life…. but you know what? It isn’t easier. That’s just a bad habit at this point. You’ll create an easier life by going within and shifting your reality from the inside out. 

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These values essential for both my clients and I to bring to the table during our work together.

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Time to have fun!

Working with me is a real good time. My clients appreciate my ability to bring humor into uprooting some of their most difficult and embedded fears in their life. I take complex concepts and make it simple and fun. I encourage you to tell me to fuck off when I trigger you and we work through the bullshit as it comes out. I am your practice ground for life and we get to jump into this adventure together. Good luck finding a better coach to that can take you from the lowest lows to the highest highs. I’m here for it all. All part of you are welcome here.

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"Stacey is my therapist, coach, teacher, mentor and friend."​​

Stacey provides a safe environment to open up and share my complete self which has allowed me to heal, transform, and flourish into a more confident individual. Her guidance has been the biggest blessing not only in my life personally but professionally. As an actress she has helped me analyze characters to have a better understanding of who I need to become to embody that character. I could never imagine my life without Stacey now. 

  • Natalie G. – Actress. West Hollywood


The train wreck in me sees and honors the train wreck in you

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