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Own Your Shit

You are truly ready to create the life YOU want and step out of the life you *thought* you wanted. Your ego has betrayed you – causing overwhelm, control, and perpetual dissatisfaction. You’re ready to take radical responsibility of your life and do what it takes to finally flip the script and embrace the power of your authenticity. Work with me and I’ll activate your growth beyond your wildest dreams. 

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Let Everything Crumble

The most difficult part of your evolution is allowing the continuous crumbling of self.
Ego shedding is not a one and done death experience like many people make it out to be.
It is a constant destruction.
The ego always sneaks back in – Creating an identity to latch onto that only prevents your next level as you cling to the illusion of safety.
The shedding is the part that lights up my soul as I know the depth of the alchemy and transformation that is taking place.
Supporting others through this process is an ART.
Knowing precisely where to move, how to move, when to move, level of intensity, the back and forth of the gas and the breaks is a process I’ve been perfecting for years.
Now without rules, the practice of crumbling is highly refined to deliver your ultimate growth at ridiculous speeds.
Dropping into the unmanifested scares the mind. Strong thoughts and emotions will arise temping you to attach to them and believe them.-2

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1:1 Coaching

I will always offer 1:1 work because I do not believe in one size fits all programs. There is a huge blindspot to anyone who believes this is truth. One person may gain most growth from stillness, whereas another one from action. The 1:1 work allows us to really dive deeply into the next steps specific to YOUR epic growth

Fuck your Conditioning

Coaching community


This isn’t a therapy woe-is-me group. I created this space to activate you and your conditioning so you can see it clearly and choose to move beyond the chokehold that is has over your life. This isn’t a healing group. We get messy, we get raw, we get honest. You get out what you put in. This is the streaming service for your radical evolution.

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About Me

Hello, I'm Stacey

Psychotherapist turned trasformational coach. I help over-thinkers reclaim their power and teach them how to stop sabotaging their success. YOU are the only person/thing in the way. Once you truly realize it all lies within you to create your reality, you will know precisely how to shed it all, until all that is left is the magic of YOU. 

It’s easy to learn how to change your thoughts. But it’s not satisfying if you can’t change your feelings and energy along with the thoughts. That’s where CBT leaves us wanting more. We crave the feeling of the shift from the inside out. That’s where my genius comes into play. I help you to experience true change that will leave you FEELING differently. 

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies though. Sometimes when we finally start to shed the layers of conditioning that have been placed upon us, we realize we don’t align with the life we have, or the life we thought we wanted. You might be faced with some tough decisions, but know that’s why you have asked for support, because up-leveling has a mind of its own. I don’t know your specific outcomes from doing this work, and frankly neither do you. I’m here to serve your growth, and what that looks like in the outer reality, none of us can truly say. 

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The signature course

Hello Darkness

This video series is about confronting your shadow, or parts of self that you keep hidden from not only the world, but from yourself as well. The course is designed to gently help you confront these aspects of yourself with compassion so that integration and growth can occur at all levels of self.

(If you have history of trauma that has not been addressed or diagnosed with PTSD or complex PTSD, I would recommend receiving guidance from a therapist before purchasing this course). 


"Truly grateful for the experience and the results"

Stacey has been the catalyst for change in my mentality, the support when I was at my most vulnerable and the beacon of light for when I get lost. Her gifts of insight and techniques have made a positive ripple effect into the lives of people in my personal circle. I have made positive conscious changes in my life that have built my confidence and improved my mental health. Truly grateful for the experience and the results. Thank you for everything. ✨

– Leah P., Graphic Artist

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