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Welcome to self Mastery

Energy + Action

You don’t need to keep sacrificing in order to receive the health, wealth, and happiness that you desire. In fact continued sacrificing is the very thing that is preventing you from receiving all there is to receive. Once you advance to a certain level, you realize that you’re the only thing in the way of your next level of greatness. I am an expert at helping people to face and overcome the fears within in order to break through to the other side – to one of easeful, influential, power built from the inside out. 

Morning & Evening Journal prompts to spark your awakening

Personal growth starts with asking the hard questions, and priming your mind to be able to shift to what IS serving you and away from what is not. Commit to using these prompts to significantly transform your life!

Unlock Peak Performance

  • Enhance decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Build stronger, more authentic relationships.
  • Boost resilience and navigate challenges with confidence.
  • Achieve sustained personal and business growth.
Mindset training and emotional intelligence training for business owners and c-suite leaders in Rochester, NY

Welcome to Self Mastery

1:1 Coaching

Welcome to 1:1 Coaching for Entrepreneurs and C-Suite Leaders. You already know that your mindset, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skillset need to be functioning at their best to expand and grow the business and life of your dreams. Through 1:1 coaching, we are able to dive deep and remove the internal boulders that are keeping you from reaching the levels you’ve always desired.


Group Coaching Experience

Next Level

Business owners and leaders don’t have anyone to lean on when they’re the one’s always providing the support. The constant pressure of being in charge isn’t as exciting as you thought it was going to be. Through the “Next Level” program you receive support with accountability, structures, strategies, emotion regulation, mindset upgrades, and nervous systems expansion to support your unique stressors of being the one in charge.


Hello, I'm Stacey

After building a six figure therapy practice where I was known as the therapist to hire when other therapies failed, I had a greater vision to expand my skillset into the world of business and entrepreneurship to focus on supporting those who are materializing their dreams despite the nay-sayers and roadblocks.

You deserve to have a business that is not only financially viable, but one that supports you like a healthy romantic relationship would. One that pours into you and loves you dearly on good days and bad. Yes, it is possible for business to be this for you, if first you, are it for yourself. 

As a leader, it is imperative that you lead by example. Energy speaks volume. It doesn’t matter if it “looks” like you have your shit together, because if you don’t *actually* back up your claims with the energy your mission will fall short. You will continue to notice ways of being that seem to sabotage your success. 

Every thought you entertain contributes to your energy and your mood which is reflected in your actions. These micro-actions add up all day, all week, all month, year, etc. 

It’s time to rewrite your inner dialogue to one of full sovereignty. To one of service and love. To one of power and fulfillment. To one of magic and inspiration. 

You do not earn these. You are these. Once you realize it; you act it. 

The signature course

Hello Darkness

This video series is about confronting your shadow, or parts of self that you keep hidden from not only the world, but from yourself as well. The course is designed to gently help you confront these aspects of yourself with compassion so that integration and growth can occur at all levels of self.

(If you have history of trauma that has not been addressed or diagnosed with PTSD or complex PTSD, I would recommend receiving guidance from a therapist before purchasing this course). 


"Exactly what I needed"

Stacey has been exactly what I needed to get out of my own way and create the business that I knew I could! She is supportive, honest, and real – shifting my perspective from what I can’t do to helping me see everything I CAN do!. ✨

– Krista Hudson, Life Coach