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You are truly ready to create the life and business of your dreams. You’re ready to take radical responsibility of your life and do what it takes to finally flip the script and embrace your inherent power. You’re ready to do this without compromising your authenticity, values and beliefs. It is possible to be the creator of your life without the guilt, overwhelm, and the people pleasing you’re used to. People hire me when they’re ready shift their internal landscape and receive a new reality. 

Morning & Evening Journal prompts to spark your awakening

Use these journal prompts to help you start your day off with an intentional mindset in order to help you move through it more confidently as well as reflect on the important aspects at the end of the day to facilitate your next personal growth evolution!!!

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

You’ve had enough of doing life and business in the shape of someone else’s dreams and wishes. You are ready to take matters into your own hands. For people who are just starting out, starting over, or looking to grow by taking the scary leaps forward and stop playing small, my work is for you.
Excellence is loving commitment

Welcome to Self Mastery

1:1 Coaching

Welcome to 1:1 coaching for Entrepreneurs and C-Suite Leaders. You already know that your mindset, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skillset need to be TOP LEVEL to expand and grow the business and life of your dreams. Through 1:1 coaching, we are able to dive deep and remove the internal boulders that are keeping you from reaching the levels you’ve always desired.

Next Level Group Coaching (Instagram Post)

Group Coaching Experience

Next Level

Business owners and leaders like to have someone else to lean on for once. The constant pressure of being in charge isn’t as exciting as it once was. Through the “Next Level” program you receive support with accountability, structures, strategies, emotion regulation, mindset upgrades, and nervous systems expansion to support your unique stressors of being the one in charge.


Hello, I'm Stacey

After building a six figure therapy practice where I was known as the therapist to hire when other therapies failed, I had a greater vision to expand my skillset deeper into the world of business and entrepreneurship to focus on supporting those who are materializing their dreams despite the nay-sayers and roadblocks.

I recognized that there was a massive skillset overlap between being a trauma specialist and the inner work required to become not just a successful entrepreneur, but also a happy one with a rejuvenating work-life balance. 

When I started my psychotherapy practice I hired MANY coaches to help get me started into becoming a business owner. I was surprised to find that it required extensive work on my mental and emotional body which was more difficult to overcome than the skills of marketing, sales and finances when it came to business.

I learned that I was the biggest barrier to my success and that the more I wanted to expand my business the more I needed to grow my mindset, communicate with authority and integrity, embody leadership skills, expand my ability to receive, and release the emotions and beliefs that were keeping me stuck and playing small. 

The signature course

Hello Darkness

This video series is about confronting your shadow, or parts of self that you keep hidden from not only the world, but from yourself as well. The course is designed to gently help you confront these aspects of yourself with compassion so that integration and growth can occur at all levels of self.

(If you have history of trauma that has not been addressed or diagnosed with PTSD or complex PTSD, I would recommend receiving guidance from a therapist before purchasing this course). 


"Exactly what I needed"

Stacey has been exactly what I needed to get out of my own way and create the business that I knew I could! She is supportive, honest, and real – shifting my perspective from what I can’t do to helping me see everything I CAN do!. ✨

– Krista Hudson, Life Coach